Sandpaper Dreams



Sandpaper Dreams



it’s been a month

a month of tissues that gradually resembled


that cheap stuff you buy at the dollar-deals

and a nose

now reminiscent of the old alcho

with the battered red cap

who drinks in the park…

…walk past

as air burps cheap vino


restless nights

dream-sleeping… mouth




sucking air over dry gums

and longing for morning to come…

… nights that s t r e t c h


ears popping and blocking

created shattered symphonies

with crickets and sleepy frogs…


tribal drumbeat

reverberates in the chasm

which once housed a brain

thoughts insane

purge pain

as aching limbs give in…

… and winter gives way to spring


it’s been a month

tissues of rough-poured cement

graze tender places

eyes glaze

taste replaced

with nothing-

– even wet cardboard has a taste…

… scent devoid of essence

doe-eyed and dopey


in concentrated efforts to breath

it’s been a month

no relief

and no end in sight.






Infinite Patterns



Written for   Patterns of Life–dVerse Meeting the Bar






Infinite alternatives in timeless Patterns…

have you lived the honeycombed combinations of life….?


origami folds

bend time

ages rearrange

from first steps to last

blurring the edges

of yesterday

mirrored reflections

of lost tomorrows…


tangents into the now

lead back to


 detours …


webs like a warren

of concentric thought

that bends


in the origami folds

of yesterdays




one step

one footprint

on an un-ventured


and see….?


The Pattern Changes




Raven-Black and I




D’verse Challenge group on WordPress set this challenge Inspired by the creative & adventurous  spirit of Joel Robison.  Joel enjoys playing with the idea of “creating whimsical worlds where size, scale, movement and function don’t play by the rules that we know.”

Joel Robison- Artist


My creative take of the Art…. 


Raven-Black and I



weird day

whimsical  weird

leaves- skittering -‘round –ankles- weird

touched by gossamer haze

that led the way down a cobbled lane


Where the tick of time silent be

and unchartered

 is one’s obscure destiny…

… no choice to make

 but go with the flow

wandering where the echoes go

– chasing a song never written or heard

and raven-black who chanted words…


Where you go, that’s where I be

where I be is where ‘ere you go

where we are I do not know

but where you go, I follow


We crossed a barren field, raven-black and I

the raven grew to twelvefold high

I shrank to raven-size

perspective warped in wavering rays

summer at its height

moon chases sun across a shifting sky

day follows  the echoes of night


Lightning struck the lone tree, growing on the hill

the tree grew legs and is wandering still

nothing is as it seems, day-mare or twisted dreams

whimsical  vibrations timetable the hours

as night disappears , dizzy are the flowers…

… on and on and forever I walk

an eternity of silence, no one talks

except for raven-black who chanted cryptic words

to a strange song I’ve never written or heard-


–  Where you go, that’s where I be

where I be is where ‘ere you go

where we are I do not know

but where you go, I follow;


I follow.








Finding My Way Back Home to Me….


In Thought bw

Finding My Way Back Home to Me….


dark nights

riding the tail of darker days…

quivering on the edge of reality

still caught in yesterday’s  shadow …

always one step til tomorrow

as the past fades fast…

bright days

ring with fake laughter

brighter nights following

with a hint of hysteria…

empty hours

in the wasteland of loneliness

yet never truly alone;


…but now

now I’m finding my way back home

to me

one step at a time

one footprint in the sand

sunrise by sunrise

in silent moments

that linger into hours


sunlit walks

with my thoughts

getting to know me…

all of me

in all my moments

finding my way

back home to me;




Mystification Surrounds – Poetics – Time and Time Again- d’verse


Art by Sharonlee

Art by Sharonlee


Mystification Surrounds


Time existed once… but I’m not sure when

mystification surrounds ticking-clock-concepts…


Time had no meaning


in endless days laced

with dark rum

and laughter…

… on sunset beaches-

– flames cavorted

like that younger me

moon swaying to bongo

and pungent weed…



Time sent warnings… clicker-clatter like a stick

running along the sunbleached bones of white picket fences

warnings, brushed aside 

with smug ignorance… blind innocence

clinging to that first-blush of pseudo freedom…

… no one thought

the wild wave would ever crash land

on the beach of reality…


It ceased to exist, once… time did-

– eyes of tear-stained sorrow

blurred the clock-face … rain-slicked window

in frosted glass



engraved with broken hearts

ice-carved roses

lost their petals

one by one…


Play the odds long enough

and trumps has to show sooner or later

the winning hand-

– the epiphany…

… time doesn’t matter

sherbet sunrises

melt time


mango ice cream…

each passing minute

blurred by

psychedelic jubilance

mellow’d green

and smiles

that greet the sunset.






Aura of Your Thoughts




For a few years now I have been enjoying the writing challenges of D’verse, a virtual poet’s pub.

After a summer hiatus they have reopened the doors with the first challenge, to write an ode (of sorts) to poetry/poets/ or a poet of your choosing.

And here is mine-

Art by Sharonlee

Art by Sharonlee



Aura of Your Thoughts


I have wept as

summer rain upon parched grass

quiver’d in places refined souls speak not of

but should you ever think to ask

I would, in blushing truth admit my sins –

– enraptured by the cadence of your poetry

my soul enchanted would I give to you…


Such lyric grace in falling rhyme you bless the land

and I, both moved and humbled, read again,

for there are times only you can touch me so

and like a starving beggar I drink your prose

none but you can move my lips to smile

or cause the tears in waterfalls to flow

moved am I beyond the reach of others

by each syllabic rhythm of your song

how stirred I am… lifted to heights unknown

to know the poet-soul you draw upon…


When moon light embraces star-like glow

the aura of your thoughts shiver in my limbs

I feel no loneliness wrapped within your words

my soul pulsates and reaches out across the void

could I just once feel the hand that holds your pen

lay finger soft upon my cheek

I would smile and die a thousand deaths

renounce reality just to breath your breath…

for I have wept as summer rain upon parched grass

quiver’d in places refined souls speak not of

perhaps I am under your intoxicating spell

and if this be so… here is where I yearn to dwell;